From idea to money is only one step!

With us, imports from China became reality

Are you interested to import from China but you don't know where to start?

Have you found a supplier and want to convince yourself that can became a trusted partner?

In two, things become easier. We can help, and you don'tneed to open an office in China. We already have one for you.

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  • Just 3 steps

  • Identification of suppliers

    Finding the right producer is not easy. By yourself you can stumble across unserious suppliers that will require money and you may end up fooled.

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  • Step two

    Acquisitions & Negotiations

    For the chinese, business negotiations are important social gatherings, during partnerships are consolidated.

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  • Customs Commissionaire  & Transportation

    From the chinese factory, straight to your home. We handle the transport process, by sea or by air. Together, we can chose the best solution

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Do you want to raise an office building and it is possible to spend moore than you can afford? Do you want to minimize costs? Buy from China!


The import from China without a detailedquality control goods involves many risk factors that can adversely affect the success of the transaction.

The quality control

As you can imagine, the flight to China is very long. But at the end of the journey, a friendly team who will accompany to visit all the factories will expect you.

Visit a factory

If you're tinking about starting a small business, to renovate, to build or to operate at a large company, imports from China to Romania allows you to use the money better.

Import China-Romania

Maritime transport from China to Romania is not exclusively for companies which import large volumes of Chinese products.

Transport China-Romania

In this Short Guide, on how to have business in China, our company presents certain aspects and strategies to conclude a partnership with Chinese suppliers.

Business China-Romania

The advantage of chosing us

  • Our vast experience in the economical area of China it is for sure a solid advantage, when speaking of helping you and your business, you can definitely win if you choose our services.
  • The business negotiation will be  in chinese language and, of course, we will respect all the oriental customs culture. In this way, our company has become very successful and useful for our clients, which have businesses in very competitive fields, worlwide.
  • Reliabiility of the acquisition: with us, you can be sure that the acquisition process is a very secure one. We work directly with chinese providers, who proved their earnestness. Those ones respect all the laws and offer a certificate of quality.
  • You will have a transparent  partnership, without hidden costs and you'll also can choose any kind of merchandise, we sure will find it for you.

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Identification of suppliers

Acquisitions & Negotiations